Saturday, October 17, 2009

Latest pages

This page has a few pictures taken when we lived in Big Pine Key, in the Florida Keys. Honey doing what he liked to do most, fish. Our youngest daughter with her daughter above the sunset. Oldest daughter with her daughter and myself one of the trips they came to the Keys. Sometimes I miss it but mostly it is the loved ones that we left behind that are missed.

These two pages are about my grandparents on my mothers side. Myrtle and Fred Hartman. On the left, a very young Myrtle with a friend in the buggy, and then both grandparents when they were older, this is the way I remember them.
The right side has me as a child, that is also me by the barn, taken many years after they were both gone. We made a trip back to the old farm, no one was living there, and it was pretty run down but since this barn held a lot of fond memories for me I wanted this picture taken. My grandfather farmed when I was small and he always used horses, he never owned a tractor or a car. He loved horses, so do I, and now it has been passed down to our youngest granddaughter. She takes riding lessons and his quite good with horses.
I am very blessed to have a lot of good memories.


Janet said...

More cool pages! You're really getting into this! I have your package ready to mail but it didn't go yet. I'm so bad!!!!

Shopgirl said...

Since I have been busy doing stuff for Bazaar I have not been by for a few days. You have shared some really sweet pictures and I love all your pages. you as a little girl is adorable. I have finished all my craft for Bazaar and such. I hope to find more time.
Thinking of you, Happy Fall, Mary