Saturday, January 20, 2007


I tried to copy the letter to the editor that went with this picture but you could not read it. So here it is:
Dear Editor,
We read the Farmer & Rancher regularly and enjoy it very much. Your April issue had a really good article in it about the Cracker rose. I moved to North Central Florida about six years ago. (leaving out the part about why).
I have been extremely interested in the term "cracker" and have done some research on it. We have several old deserted cracker houses near our place and I am truly fascinated by them. Their stories cry out to be heard. One cracker farm near us still has the edges of an herb garden which at one time grew outside the kitchen door. Though the house is neglected and forlorn, there is one bright red flower that blooms every spring right by the front steps...seems as if it's saying "I'm still here...I'm still here".
When I lived in N.J. , I was awarded the title of N.J. State Poet of the year four times in a row. When I moved to Fl. , the poetry moved right along with me. Katherine Von Ahnen
So this is my post for today unless I finish the ATC's that are keeping me WAY TO BUSY, that's right I have found my imagination again. Don't you just love old places like the one in the photo? Hope everybody is able to read the poem ok. Do you have old "forgotten" places where you live?

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Susie said...

Loved this post. There is a lot of history in our town as we were one of the first State Capitols.