Friday, January 26, 2007

Something Different For Me

I made this a few days ago, it is my first non paper ATC. I must have scanned it crooked but it really isn't. I'm so sorry the felt background which is magenta color does not show that well. This piece is backed with black card stock.

The three leaves are made of beads and sequins. The hardest thing to add was the fibers around the edge. I twisted them so as to get all of the color going. Then sewed them down with magenta colored thread.

There is four different colors, blue,turquoise, purple, and green. This stuff screams peacock to me so I hope to find a project where I can combine the fibers with a peacock.It is to bad this lost it's vibrancy when it was scanned.

Hope to get back to Blogland later today, maybe with another post, I have some neat old post cards from Illinois I would like to share. We'll see how the time goes.

So for those of you making ATCs , have you tried new mediums ? If so what, and which do you like working with the best? This was fun but a lot more time consuming.


Janet said...

How funny....I worked with felt today, and I got a peacock feather in the mail this evening!!
I think the colors show just fine. I like the beads and sequins on the leaves.

Susie said...

We have a park nearby filled with peacocks (and feathers of course) I love their colors!
I have a huge collection of vintage postcards (one of the biggest categories are those from Illinois, esp Chicago from the 1900's-1940's. I also have some up to about 1970. Nothing later..
What dates and places do you have??