Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Starlight, Starbright


I wish for more time. Today was a very hectic day, lots of running, groceries to buy, hurry home, put it all away, do some laundry, feed all the cats, and that is no small task. Fix some dinner,clean up and go to a meeting....Whew ! So I told myself, you do not have to do a post, just read a few blogs, leave some comments, call it a day....mmmmm, that didn't happen as you can see. I worked yesterday making an ATC, my second one, I loved the idea and when it was done I was happy with it. Then I found out the BAD NEWS. It is the wrong size. So I just had to try another one. This is it. I like it ok but not as much as the other one. The star at the top on the right is a glass one, sown on.I also made a clear pocket with a hole for a blue ribbon to keep this in.


Susie said...

It's lovely Gail. I've had a busy day like that too! Blogger has been beyond beasty today. When I had time to sit for a minute it decided it didn't want to be nice!

Betzie said...

I just clicked here Gail, and gosh, I think we both are feeling exactly the same way about TIME! I wrote about it today as well. I love your ATC's...I did one this morning..my first too. I like it, not sure it will speak to anyone else though, but I think that's what I love about them. They are YOUR little creations and regardless of what anyone else thinks, they are OOAK's and an expression of you. Pretty cool...