Thursday, January 25, 2007

Summer Fun

Is summer ever going to get here? And no I do not have two granddaughters the same age. This is two pictures I put side by side, I could not believe how they blended together and looked like one. Mia and paw are cooking hot dogs and she is trying to see how high she can go. You remember that don't you. Swinging has always been something that I could do for hours. In fact you might notice how big the seat of this swing is.....well guess who uses it when Mia isn't here?
Also wanted you to see the ladder on the far right. You can not see it very well but it is an old wooden one that is not usable any more so I painted it, blue, yellow, and hot pink. Then I attached fake butterflies and flowers to it. Yard art, right? Hubby says more like yard junk, his imagination isn't to good. I have never been a great fan of summer as with it comes the heat but it is suppose to dip down to freezing tonight and down to 27 tomorrow night. I know for you from the north that is nothing but come on now we live in Florida. Guess I spent to many years in the Keys where it seldom gets below 65. So what's the temp. where you're at?


Linda said...

Those are wonderful pictures, and I did think they were one. I love the idea of decorating the old ladder. I think it's very creative of you.
I know what you mean about cold weather. I start whining if it gets below 65, but we are having a chilly one this year. Happily, the sun was shining today and it almost got to 65. Much nicer!!
Have a wonderful friday.!!

Susie said...

I loved to swing when I was little!
I've even done it a few times at the playground with my grandkids, which makes them laugh!!
It's 50º at 5:30 PM!
Nice sunny day today, too!

Janet said...

Tonight we're supposed to get 28º but during the day it was in the 60's....not too bad.

Janet said...

I forgot to say we have a swing set in the backyard and I swing on it from time to time!!

Sioux said...

Love the picture! What a fun ladder!

I have never been to the Keys, but I really want to go there. We have an RV and have determined how very expensive it is to camp even close to Key West. Wish we could get a cruise boat from Galveston to Key West. We are going to look into it.

Betzie said...

Gail, that was neat how you blended those pics..they do look like one.
I love your yard art, your hubby sounds like mine. Mine is all left accountant. At least he can do our tax returns..LOL
It is chilly here today, windy too. I prefer cold to hot these days though!