Thursday, January 18, 2007


This scan is a little dark but I think you can see enough to see why I was so excited to find this in a box of junk at the Goodwill. Of course the best part was the price, 50 cents.
This is a brooch, hand painted on shell, signed and dated and backed with sterling. Overall size is 1 1/2 by 2 inches.
Also bought two great books, one was a $39.95 book called, Rose Gardens by Jane Fearnley-Whittingstall. It is full of art work and illustrations, 202 pages. The second one is not near as grand but it is called Rodale's Successful Organic Gardening Perennials. This book should be very helpful in working in my garden.
As if this wasn't enough blessings for one day I went to visit a friend and she gave me some starts of ferns and lilies.....hope tomorrow is a nice day, I think I'll play in the dirt. So what great things have you found in thrift stores or yard sales?


Janet said...

Oh, gorgeous brooch!! That is a true find. Of course you know me, the books are what I'd go for though! I haven't found anything recently. All our thrifts stores are either closing down or they don't have much inventory anymore. Slim pickings around here.

Sioux said...

Oh, Gail, this brooch is lovely. What a find! What a blessing!

I'm an only child, too, and am the oldest generation of both side of my family. I do have first cousins on Daddy's side, but Mother was an only, too. However, I have much on all sides except my father's paternal side. His father came from Germany in 1888 as a 16-year old. So, I'm still looking.

I have been a columnist for many years, and it's lots of fun.

Anonymous said...

That hand painted brooch is beautiful!
I recently found a little porcelain doll in mint condition. She seems rather old. The legs and arms are jointed. It is about 8 inches tall. I paid only .99 cents for her and sent it to a niece of mine who collects dolls and bears.
Isn't it such a thrill to find such great treasures and for such great prices?


Susie said...

What a find! Don't you love thrift stores and yard sales. Tomorrow we may try to go to a few. Always love a treasure!

Betzie said...

These finds were awesome! Love the brooch! Have fun playing in the dirt!!! I found a great quote about that very thing the other day, but of course, I've forgotten it. My grandmother would say that you'll never be depressed if you play in the dirt! LOL
Wish you lived closer, we go antiquing together!