Monday, January 1, 2007

2006 Down The Drain

New Years eve, 2006, DOWN THE DRAIN.
But let me tell you that's about all that went down the drain. Last night we discovered our kitchen sink was stopped up, and leaking. We plunged, we used drain cleaner, hot water, and then repeated the whole process until we finally gave up and decided to tackle it this morning. Of course everything was closed today. We called our 75 year young neighbor to see if he had a snake as he is a retired plumber, no but he said he would come look at it. Everything under the sink had been rigged, I mean BIG TIME rigged. Our house was built in 1945 by a group of church members as a favor to an elderly widow. So it all had to get torn out, Lenny had to crawl under the house. Yikes, spiders, and who knows what all! Poor guy. We had nasty water just sitting in our dishwasher. Well praise God it took most of the day, lots of patience, and hard work but with the neighbors know how Lenny was able to get it all fixed. We mow their two acres and look after them and consider it a blessing to be able to help them and today they more than returned the favor. So here is a prayer we can all use in this coming new year. Don't you know, PRAYER WORKS.


Janet said...

Oh, no!! That's terrible. But thankfully all's well that ends well. You're lucky to have such a good neighbor.

Sioux said...

Amen. Prayer works!

Linda said...

What a lovely poem Gail.
I just hate it when that stuff (clogged sinks, etc) happens. As far as I'm concerned things should just continue working forever. However, it just doesn't seem to go that way. And it always seems to happen at the most inconvenient time. I'm glad you're all "unclogged".
Have a great week!!

Sheila said...

Thanks be to good neighbours..!
Thank you for commenting on Crossings. I'm sorry it's finished too, but thank you for stopping by to read it.