Saturday, January 27, 2007

Great mail day

I was going to post this romantic piece I made today but then the mailman came. Janet my dear friend made this first one for me, the bible is a charm(and yes it stayed on), the background is so old world and the Christ on the cross, well I just love the whole thing. The other one I made, it is so totally not my style but it was in my mind to try something like this and I was pleased with the way it turned out and everyone says that is all that matters...if I like it's good.
I spent most of my free time checking blogs that I had never been to, found so many interesting people, I tried to leave comments that were straight from the heart so I hope they will all be received well. I can see now I need to keep some kind of record as to who I saw and when. Do any of you keep such a thing? I didn't write any of them down so I hope I can remember where I went. Also I would like to leave my email address in case anyone has a comment that they do not wish to publish here. Well tomorrow is a big day at church, Pastors birthday, dinner after service, so it will be a short afternoon, then back for P.M. worship. Hope everyone has a BLESSED day of rest.


Janet said...

I'm glad you like it....and also glad the charm stayed on!! I don't use many things like that so wasn't sure about how it would travel.
The new ATC is quite a departure from your usual things! And you're right....if you like it that's what matters. I like all the faces and the hand with the's so graceful.

Linda said...

You are so creative Gail. I admire your work.
When I want to remember a blog, I add it to my bloglines. Then when they write a new post I can go and read it. It really helps me since I know I'll never remember all the blogs I've visited.
Have a blessed sunday.