Monday, January 8, 2007

New Kittens

Their mother read the sign that our other adopted cat put out by the gate: I think it reads something like this, ALL HOMELESS AND HUNGRY CATS WELCOME HERE. How else do you explain, since we moved up here in 2003, to the country we have had four cats wander in to stay. First was a gray cat, about to give birth. She had four kittens. She seemed like a nice cat so we took her babies to a no kill shelter and got her fixed. She would not let me lock her up at night with our two senior cats, Eli and Sarah which are brother and sister and were born in the summer of 84, yes that's right, I said they were old. We just lost their mother last year. She was the first to enter our little cat cemetery. We didn't have Miss Gray long, she disappeared. Then came our big black and white guy we call Buddy. Got him fixed. A few weeks later a gray kitten found us, she seemed to know Buddy. Well we kept her, her name is Salu, got her fixed. Then this last momma decided this would be a great place to have her I'm screaming ENOUGH! So last count was Eli, Sarah, Buddy, Salu,Momma and 4, and Cat that is nine and has never been out of the house. So that makes 10, I think about 5 to many, How many did you say you wanted? I've got to take that sign down.


Janet said...

Oh, they're so cute! But NO I don't want anymore!! Get that sign down fast, girl, before the next bunch arrives.

Susie said...

They are adorable. We've gradually worked our way down from a high of 9 cats to just one *very* spoiled Maine Coon. He thinks he's royalty!
(I agree with Janet, take down the sign!)

Betzie said...

Awww Gail...what'a a few more? No, I can't take any though, sorry. LOL Hubby is not thrilled as it is with the six dogs here...and one lonely cat who they are adore and pester to pieces!

Enjoy all the purrs of happiness...

Nancy said...

I am alergic to cats but I do love them and had as many as 21 at one time when I was small. I now have a dog that is supposedly hypoallergenic and he seems to be so far. He is a labradoodle. Good luck with the precious kittens.