Saturday, January 13, 2007


Not enough time today to create anything. As I was searching through some old things looking for some magazines that I have about Florida back in the early days I came across these old postcards, made in Spain. The neatest thing about them is the fact that the clothes are actual material and the head dress and some other parts are stitches with thread. I'm not sure how old these are but if I was going to guess I'd say late 40's or early 50's. I do not know how many might have been in an original set but I have 8.
So have any of you seen post cards like this before? Wonder what they are worth?

I have GOOD NEWS I will be taking momma and her kittens to a no kill shelter Tuesday morning, they called and they finally have room. I'm doing a happy dance now! I posted their cute little faces on a previous blog.


Sioux said...

Great that you found a no-kill place. It's such a blessing to find those places...but hard to find.

On the ATC post I described how I painted with acrylic, then blotched over with a clear embossing ink, sprinkled silver, white and brown embossing powder, and finally I branded the top left. Yes, it has texture.

My BP is, right now, the best it's been in days. I am feeling better, too. Raf plays at the coffeehouse tonight and the Bishop comes tomorrow...and Raf is reading at that service. Then we are having a covered dish. So...think I'll be up to it all if it stays this way.

God bless you.

Janet said...

I've never seen postcards like that but they look interesting.

Great news about the kitties. Now you just have to hope no others show up at your door!

Linda said...

The cards are beautiful and so unique. I've never seen any like that.
Thanks for telling me about the ATCs. I may try them some time. Right now I have three unfinished projects (knitting, quilting and embroidery) to do. I promised myself I wouldn't begin another thing until I finish them.
Have a blessed sunday Gail. Glad the kitties have a safe place to go.

Susie said...

The no kill place must be a great relief to you so you don't have to worry about the kitties!
Those old postcards are a treasure.
No clue what they'd be worth. I guess it depends on how badly someone wants them.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gail :-)

That's really great news about the little kittens...cause I tell you, if I lived near you I would have wanted to adopt them all! LOL! I love cats! No kill is the way to go.

You were right in your guess about the postcards. They were handmade in the 40s in Madrid. I have seen these before. My grandmother and great uncles were all from Spain. My Grandma had several of these on her dresser in her room. I remember when we would go over to her house, I would go to her room to look at all her things (She had lots of beautiful mementos from Spain). I used to gaze upon the little colorful cards and would touch the fine silk embroidery very gently.

Thank you so much for reminding me of those cards.

Have a beautiful day!

Lucy D. Jones said...

The dancer postcards are very similar to some my Grandmother sent me in the 1970s when she was on vacation in Spain. I kept them for a very long time, but realize I haven't seen them in a while...