Monday, January 22, 2007

Pencil Drawing

Do I know what I am doing ...I do not. Never had an art class, or a teacher. Didn't have anything to look at so have no clue about scale... This is just a plain ole pencil and a piece of scrap paper.
So come on now all you art critics, help me out. I promise I will not be offended or get my feelings hurt. What is wrong with this drawing? Maybe I should have put the cabin in the clearing, or left out the nest in the tree. I wanted that thing in the sky to be the moon not the sun....duh!
I was going for isolated,cold, and night. Should I color it or leave it like it is?


Sioux said...

Gail, I think it's wonderful. Looks like a chilly day! Love the tree. Your shading is very good. If you are interested in connecting with a lot of other people who are drawing and didn't know they could, check out Danny Gregory's site. He took up drawing when a tragedy struck his wife...he is an ad man. Anyway, he encourages people to draw. That's how I got started.

Thank you for the prayers. They do help so much. I just talked to Carolyn...she's a teacher's aide, and she just got out of school, and she's feeling a lot better, too. My blood pressure is slowly going down, too. Think I'll go to quilting tonight.

BTW, during all the things that have happened, Carolyn has started back to church. Praise God! She is even getting involved in Altar Guild. And, of course, it is helping her so much to see the love the people there have for her. Our priest has been so caring, too. He's new to us. He's on silent retreat this week...wish I was with him. I love silent retreats.

Anyway...thanks for all the comfort you give me!

judie said...

Oh my gosh, Gail. I haven't been here in a couple of days and look what I have been missing!!! First, your pencil drawing is very, very nice. I think you should do whatever you want with it, either leave it or experiment more. When YOU are satisfied, then it's done. That's my advice, lol, from a non-art critic. Now, those ATC's are WONDERFUL. I LOVE both of them. Really, really love them!! Please tell how the other one was made, the non butterfly. Those look like real jewels glued on...are they? And what a wonderful idea to use the butterfly wings. Now it's spirit will be there forever. And your brooch you found at Goodwill...oh my gosh I never find good stuff like that! You are so lucky! I need to come down to your part of the state and check our your Goodwill 'cuz mine never has the good stuff! BTW have you seen the new Florida Wetland stamps? You have to check them out. Keep are GOOD! God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I like it. I like it a lot. It is austere and honest...
The moon looks like a moon to me.
I don't think you should color it. It is very lovely just the way it is...

Janet said...

I agree with Sombra. If you're going for isolated, cold, and dark then don't color it. It has that feeling as it is. Color would most likely change that. You shouldn't put the cabin in the clearing because you didn' also shouldn't leave the nest out of the tree because you didn't. I guess what I'm trying to say is that this is the way you drew it so that's the way it's supposed to be. Don't doubt your own inner eye. And who cares if you've had an art class or not! Just keep drawing. Bee-creative!