Saturday, January 6, 2007

Crazy Quilt

I made this quilt back in 1985 but after seeing the beautiful work some of you here in blogland do I decided to add some embellishments. There is plenty of empty space and I have Lots of lace, buttons, and other things. It has muslin in between the top and back,(back is the same satin as the trim) It was all hand stitched, then sewn around the edge with the machine. It is tied on the back side with yarn at each corner. So thanks to everyone out there that has inspired me


Linda said...

The quilt is beautiful Gail. I just love quilts. If I ever get a digital camera, I'll have to post pictures of the quilts my Mom has made. She has one her frame now that is a white-on-white. You cannot believe the detail she has quilted into it. It is absolutley gorgeous.
I think of them as works of art. You did a great job.

Janet said...

I still have the crazy quilt pillow you made for me. It's lost a couple of buttons due to the cats!!
I don't have the patience to do anything big like a full size quilt. Maybe something small would be more my speed!