Friday, January 5, 2007

Mural at church

Mural at my church

Some time back I mentioned that I had done a mural in one of the Sunday school rooms at my church. Some had expressed an interest in seeing it...I had to take two shots so I could get it all where it could be seen and I was closer on the bottom picture.

We have vacation bible school every summer and I try to help out. This past year it was all about the jungle. Normally we put our scenes on paper and hang them but this teacher liked the scene so much she said, "it would be great to leave it up" and I said, "why don't I just make it permanent and paint right on the wall". So after getting it cleared with the Pastor the work began. First a picture was transposed to the wall using an overhead projector, then came the fun part. It was fun for about the first three days and after that I thought I would never get done. It took almost two weeks. Coming up with the colors was the most fun to me. I had a blast mixing paints.I would have liked to done it slower and made it more realistic but time did not allow. We live in an old wooden house built in 1945 and the front porch has been enclosed making a cute little sitting room when you first come in. I want to take one of the end walls and do a stone wall (old and falling down) with plants, vines, and flowers, what do you think?

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judie said...

I think your mural is GREAT, Gail. I bet the kids love it! I'm a little bit askeered of that gator tho. I hope he doesn't bite! It's wonderful!! And I think your stone wall/vines, etc. idea is too kewl. I love doing rocks and stone with vines growing around and in and out. Do it! And don't forget to post pictures. Are you just using house paint? That's what I use for murals, and a little artist acrylics for small stuff. I always use Sherwin Williams, just the primary colors, and I had them check with the tech guys at the factory to be sure you could use these paints together (the artist acrylics). Just a tidbit of info in case you ever need it. I hope you do it.