Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I'm not sure if Momma and kittens are having this much fun but at least they are in a wonderful new home where they will be cared for until they can be adopted. Yesterday I had to drive about an hour to get to Tallahassee where I was able to leave my little four legged family. They were all very good passengers, slept most of the way. I was so thankful when I received a call from Barbara, one of the employees at the Humane Soc. telling me I could bring them in. It was hard parting with them, as we had taken care of them for several weeks, ever since Momma showed up on our doorstep hungry. If we did not already have several cats we would have kept them. I was very impressed with the facilities and the staff. They were very kind and understanding.
Our county is suppose to be getting our own shelter in about a year, I just pray it is as nice as this one was. Hats off to all of the employees and volunteers. GREAT JOB! Now I think I need to have a talk with our Buddy Boy and tell him to stop inviting his family and friends that live around the corner where it is a bit crowded.....I counted 30 cats while sitting in their drive-way, makes me wonder, WHAT ARE THESE PEOPLE THINKING ? I believe in spay & neuter, how about you?


Janet said...

I'm glad you found a safe place to take the little family. They may not be having THAT much fun but I bet they're doing just fine. That is such a cute picture.

PS - you're on my blog today!

Susie said...

I absolutely believe in it! It's the responsible way to be a pet owner..
It always makes me a bit sad to go to the shelter because I know they can't possibly find homes for all the animals that get left there.
Love your kitten pictures, too cute!

Nancy said...

Spay and neuter... AMEN! I am glad you found a safe place for them.

Dotee said...

Hi there Gail.

Many thanks for visiting my blog and for your lovely comments!

I have been reading through your blog today and can see you are a very loving and compassionate woman.

Your kitty cat called Cat does look like she comes from the same family as my Ronnie! Our furbabies bring us so much joy don't they?

P.S Well done on your first ATC!!!