Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Free Ride

I chose to dwell in the dense forest far away from all other humans so as to avoid their constant chatter. My new friends were the song birds and the squirrels and other small creatures that live in the woods. I found much pleasure in watching them each morning that I would take my walk on the old path that seemed like it had been there forever. But this morning something was different. There was a foreboding that came over me as if someone had draped a heavy cloak over my shoulders. At first I hesitated, but my curiosity got the best of me and I followed the usual path.
As I went along picking the wild flowers I suddenly realised things were not familiar. Where had I gone wrong, when did the path become unknown to me? Just when I knew I was lost I heard branches breaking under the weight of something moving. There was something ominous approaching. What do I do, should I run, or maybe hide? I have never known such fear. It became obvious I would not be able to escape. I decided to hide behind a plant with very large leaves and hope that it would pass me by. Then suddenly it was there before me in the path and as I peered between the leaves I saw this great white unicorn, the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. And I heard it say to me, "come on out, I know you are there, don't you want a free ride"? As soon as I was upon it's back it broke into a run and took me to places I had never been
MORAL: Sometimes the very thing we fear is what will set us FREE. by W. Gail


Anonymous said...

Gail! I love this story! And what an excellent moral it teaches.
Your Unicorn piece is great!


Janet said...

Love the unicorn! But if you tell me snakes will set me free I'm not buying it!!

Betzie said...

I so enjoyed your story! Unicorns are so magical and I love your rendition.
Keep having fun!