Friday, January 12, 2007


I'm not to happy with the way these lost color and texture. The one on the left has some peach colors that look more tan and the gold glitter doesn't seem to show up at all. The one on the right has olive green feathers and a black beaded flower . Sorry guys, and I was all so happy with them till I saw them on here. Oh well, such is life.....not to worry , I had a lot of fun making them. My friend Janet said the last two I made seemed nostalgic to her, that's me. I love old things and feminine lacy, days gone by, mmmm I feel a Gone With The Wind coming on.
So to the rest of you making ATCs "ARE WE HAVING FUN YET"?


Janet said...

Even if you aren't happy with the way the colors show up on the computer, I still think they look great! You definitely have the nostalgia/romantic thing going on!!

Anonymous said...

Your art pieces look really great. Please make some more. I like what you do.


Sioux said...

These are beautiful, Gail. Doesn't it just make you sick when scanning or photos don't do them justice. But you had fun making them. That's great.

Betzie said...

I love these Gail...I can relate to your love for nostalgia!
We are kindred souls...:-)